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Lockdown hobby projects
« on: November 06, 2020, 08:00:13 PM »
 Hi everyone,

As it looks like we are all going to be spending more time at home for at least the next month, I was just wondering what hobby projects (if any) folks have got on to help fill the time?  Personally I'm working on the following:

1. Finishing off my chaos cultists for Necromunda - looking forward to dirtying up the bases with typhus corrosion and applying "blood for the blood god" to their melee weapons - this is a fantastic technical paint for blood effects and its good fun flicking this over the axes/swords, etc, with an old brush for splatered blood effects.

2. Applying some soot effects to the exhausts on my space marine tanks using pigments - I'm a recent convert to pigments having used some rust streaking and sewage muck/oxide on my Necromunda terrain.  I've been using Vallejo and also AK47 brands.

3. Starting work on the Kill Team box set.  I'll work on the terrain first followed by the space wolf and tau kill teams included.  I've always liked the idea of small scale 40k commando raids (The Dirty Dozen is one of my favourite films) and the idea that a war can be stopped with a single shot or blade - be that taking out an enemy commander, sabotage of the supply line or other such battles.  There is also a mission in the book for evacuation of an imperial planetary governor which sounds cool.  Also gives me the chance to try a few different 40k factions without having to commit to an army .  I'll see if I can post pics as work progresses, and eventually run some Kill Team intro games when we are eventually allowed to meet up again.

I'd be interested to hear about any projects you've got on the go.  In the meantime: Stay at Home>Protect The NHS>paint minatures.

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