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Vigilus Narrative Campaign
« on: January 23, 2019, 09:02:26 PM »

[Updated 04/02/19]


Imperium - 14
Xenos - 18
Chaos - 0

Sub faction breakdown

Aeldari - 18
Adeptus Mechanicus - 9
Space Wolves - 5

Players can play for any faction at any time

Points system "Tides of War"

Points available:


5 points for a new fully painted unit (pics on forum or to admin) (5 pts per week, subject to admin approval)


1 point for posting something campaign related on social media ( 1 pt per week, per channel)

Battle operations

1 point for playing a 40k or Kill team game (1 pt per week, per system) This does not need to be against a campaign player.

+1 for winning the game
+2 for playing a Narrative game (mission from book)


Bill paints a new space marine unit. He shows it to an admin. Bill plays a narrative mission game of 40k using the new unit, which unfortunately he loses. Bill posts a picture of his new unit in action on the Gatekeepers facebook page and @mentions the club twitter account in a separate post on twitter.

Bill earns 10 "Tides of War" campaign points for his faction:
5 points for painting a unit
1 point for playing a game (+2 points for playing a narrative mission
2 points for posting on two social media channels

Imperium now has 10 points
Xenos 0 points
Chaos 0 points
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