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"A Wyrds Fate" - Necromunda narrative game
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:00:24 PM »
SCENARIO: A Wyrds Fate

"Wyrd" underhive slang for those individuals who display unusual powers. Whilst some gangs want nothing to do with them, others value their abilities, the more pious dwellers of the hive would prefer to burn sacrifice these hive witches in the fire. In this scenario, a meeting has been arranged between two gangs to hand over a captured Wyrd in exchange for payment. But any meeting between gangs in the underhive can erupt in violence if they can't keep a cool head.

The battlefield for this scenario represents a meeting place near the "sump" with a designated meeting spot in the middle of the board with a narrow gantry.

Tactics Cards

Neither side uses Tactics cards for this scenario.

This scenario uses the standard rules for choosing a crew, as described on page 126, with both players using the Random Selection (D3+1) method.

Players roll off to see who deploys first, placing all of their fighters 10’’ from one of the long board edges, and within 1’’ of at least one other friendly fighter. Both crews should have a line of sight to each other.

Special Rule: Quick Draw
Fighters are considered to have their weapons holstered or stowed as they stalk towards their adversaries, both sides waiting to see who will draw first. Until one side draws and starts shooting see below), the only action fighters may take during the activation is a single move. This move must be taken directly toward the opposing crew, may be no more than 3’’, and may not take them into cover. If their movement would take a fighter closer than 4’’ to an enemy model, they take no action instead.
When a fighter activates, make a Cool check for them – if they fail, place a token on their Fighter card to represent their nerve starting to crack (the number of failed Cool checks can also be represented by a dice). As soon as one crew has failed a total of 6 Cool checks, they go for their guns! When a crew’s fighters go for their guns, all fighters on the board become Ready, then each player makes an Initiative test for each of their fighters – adding +1 if they are using a Pistol and subtracting 2 if they are using an Unwieldy weapon.

Fighters that passed the test activate in order of their Initiative, from lowest to highest. Those that are tied go at the same time, for example, Initiative 2+ goes first, followed by Initiative 3+, etc.). Then, those that failed the test activate in order of their Initiative characteristic, from lowest to highest, with those that are tied the same time. For fighters activating simultaneously, players should work out any Shooting actions before any Move or Charge actions. Once the quick draw has been worked out, the following rounds are played as normal.

Ending the Battle

The battle ends when either, the Wyrd has been transferred off the board by collecting player, or one gang has no fighters left on the battlefield.

Each fighter that took part in the battle gains 1 Experience. Any fighter that didn't fail a Cool check before the shooting started gains an additional 1 Experience.
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