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Necromunda Turf War Story...
« on: July 16, 2018, 08:19:09 PM »
Turf War 1

Downfall and dereliction are perhaps two words which perhaps best describe the nature of the Underhive. When a hivequake decimates the settlement of Dust falls, shatters the buildings and scatters the people from a once stable outpost of relative civility, the evidence for this is clear to see, however every cloud has a silver lining, especially when the dust clears and uncovers tunnels to a long abandoned Dome ripe for salvage.

Now Dust falls is turning itno the largest shanty town in the Underhive. Opportunity and profit are the only things that matter as a Dome Rush draws in Gangs and Areotech Scavengers, and others  from accross the Underhive either seeking a fortune or offering everything from caravan protection too lucky charms.

Fuelled by greed, despesration, or dreams of a life changing find, competion is fierce and usually fatal, for the tech hunters whilst money pours into the town, and out again through The Guilders always eager to claim the lionshare of any profits.


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