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Element games mantic kow tournament
« on: January 08, 2018, 02:15:18 pm »

With these as the model restrictions, gotta give credit to them for making it accessable

Players are permitted to use any number of
non-Mantic miniatures in their armies.
There is no minimum requirement for Mantic

You must use war-gaming miniatures and
models that don’t look out of place in your

Each unit must be instantly recognisable to
your opponent as to what it represents. So
while not every model needs exactly the
right weapon option, if it is a 2 handed unit
then we need to see lots of the troops with
those big weapons.

Models must be based on the appropriate
base size and shape for their type. Unit-basing
(or “multi-basing”) is permitted so long
as the unit footprint is accurate for the unit
size. All units must contain the Minimum
Model Count as specified in the officia
Necrons in 8th(before codex): too many losses to count
Necrons in 8th(after codex): 19-14


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